Reach high, for stars lie hidden in you. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal.

Rabindranath Tagore

"Together we’re stronger" that's something I’ve truly experienced in the 40 Days to Personal Revolution Program.
Having the possibility to reach out to any of the participants or Susan always made me feel safe and supported.

The daily Asana and Meditation practices have become something to look forward to everyday;
being able to notice shifts in the practice, how things that felt hard in the beginning became easier in time 
was encouraging.


The weekly exchange with the group has always been very inspiring. I loved how we all got to share our processes in the most honest and respectful ways.

Thank you for creating a safe space for growth, Susan!

Nathalie Suter, Participant of 40 Days to Personal Revolution

Through Susan, I have understood that yoga is a practice in which every person may individually seek their way. I doubted in advance if I would be suitable. It really helps me understand what Yoga is all about. She guides the class very attentively, wisely and humorously!

I really enjoy testing my boundaries while feeling well guided. 

Just try it out!


Melanie Forgeron

Susan quickly understood my needs and my concerns and very patiently convinced me and encouraged me to push myself and make exercises that in my mind were absolutely impossible and ridiculous, but little step after little step I found myself improving the flexibility (I tend to be as stiff as a board), regaining some of the equilibrium I used to have but most important enjoying the relaxation that comes after one and a half hour of yoga. And by the way, contrary to previous believes I sweat! Now my weekly appointment with Susan is sacred and I really miss it when for one reason or the other I cannot do it.

I thank Susan for helping me enter into a critical age (69) with a bit more energy, more flexibility and the spirit that allows me to continue in my intense professional life!


Nani Becalli