40 Days to Wellbeing - clear into the new year!

40 Days to Wellbeing Online Program

22. November, 2020 - 31. December 2020 (Program is taught in German and English)

As we are bound to move into more unstable and unknown times, I am very excited to be offering to you a supportive and uplifting program where you will build up resilience and internal stability applying Asana, Meditation and Inquiry work.

Come join in on this nourishing 6 week / 40 Days Program that will gently restore and strengthen your whole being and clarify your way forward into the new year.

The program includes:

  • Daily yoga (asana) practice: six days per week (Monday - Saturday). All practices will be 30 min long and live online Zoom classes (recordings can be sent if you can’t make it to the proposed time). There is a theme each week to help you build a sustainable personal practice and to deepen the practice from wherever you are right now.

  • Daily meditation: building a daily meditation practice starting with just 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening for the first week. Time increases during the programme. (The recorded meditations will be accessible to you once the program begins)

  • Mindful diet: we will bring attention to diet as well as attachments and patterns around food.

  • Journaling and inquiry: based on excavation questions in a workbook that will be provided to you, journaling is an opportunity to root out limiting beliefs and patterns.

  • Weekly meetings: we will meet up online to share our internal work (inquiry), clarify questions and share experiences during the week. Sharing our personal work, engaging with others will support you during the whole program.

You will also get:

Suggested recipes to gently support your immune system

A personal workbook and reading material

Membership to Facebook group for participants

For more information and sign up:

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