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Setting the ground to stay inspired

As we all move through changing times and we sense the ground shaking underneath ourselves we also sense our surrounding, whether consciously or not, filled with insecurity or even fear. This can happen on a very subtle level that gets unnoticed. Our body though is receiving this as valid information and puts it into stress mode.

Even more important to take care of our own wellbeing as much as possible.

It is crucial to stay engaged in physical activities, to take moments of stillness, to feel whats present, to take deep breaths (yes, simple as that), most of all not to let go of all the good habits that recharge and reground ourselves when life doesn't go as planned.

Additionally it might be the time where many of us can fine tune their way of life into the most empowering and authentic one. Strip away what drains ourselves and create more in our life what inspires and feeds us. As a ripple effect we can inspire others to do the same and support each other on the way of more possibility.

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