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When you feel a peaceful joy, that's when you are near truth.

Are you feeling frustrated? Are you experiencing anxiety or have the feeling of being stuck or holding back in your life? Do you have the sense that you are running constantly on low energy? Or do you simply want to make changes in your life but don't know how to go about it?


Let me help you guide yourself thru an internal process to your own inner knowing, if necessary restoring your resources, so that you are able to get clear and free to live the life you envision.


As a certified Life Coach (Dr. Petra Bock Academy) I am bringing to our sessions a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of body and mind. Having led numerous clients and groups from all walks of life thru inner processes, for the past 20 years. I am very excited to offer to you now in a new format, solution based 1-on-1 coaching sessions. 

How I work:

We will meet for a first 30 minute call via zoom or phone getting to know each other and to get a sense of the way we will work and if we are a good fit - free of charge. The coaching sessions last 60 minute and the amount of sessions will be decided by the speed of your process. 


Coaching is available in German and English and can be arranged to be in Person or online via Zoom.

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