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An ounce of practice
is worth a thousand words.
Mahatma Gandhi

My yoga teaching has been influenced by Baron Baptiste's Methodology.
Further training with Ana Forrest, Rod Stryker, Dru Yoga and many more expanded my horizon to the different practices of yoga.

Even if you are new to yoga, there’s no need to wait until later to start, since it is a powerful practice, but adaptable to bodies of all ages and fitness levels.

Wherever you are in your life and practice right now is perfect.

The method is grounded in the practice of Asana, Meditation and Inquiry and these tools and techniques help us to break with limiting attitudes that no longer serve us in life and in living.


Weekly schedule:


no classes scheduled at them moment




Schedule a Private Class online or live in your own home to work on whats important to you from alignment to meditation. You are the expert on what you need and I will support you with my expertise and create the practice you need.


Yearly transformational Retreats scheduled in Europe and Abroad, find out more:

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