An ounce of practice

is worth a thousand words.

Mahatma Gandhi

My yoga teaching has been mainly influenced Baron Baptiste, Ana Forrest, Rod Stryker and Dru Yoga.

I teach a physically challenging and mentally balancing practice with a strong emphasis on the breath, always encouraging the personal journey into self, without compromising and hesitation to explore new grounds and possibilities in a safe and healthy way.


“The structure and form serve as a means to experience more fluidity, flow and freedom”.

Weekly Yoga schedule at Yoga am Hottingerplatz until 1.9.2020:

Sunday 17:00 Yin Yoga (90 Minutes)

Monday 19:00 Baptiste Yoga (90 Minutes)

At Orbit 6:

Wednesday 18:15 Baptiste Yoga (90 Minutes)

Thursday 12:00 Baptiste Yoga (60 Minutes)

Sunday 17:00 Yin Yoga (90 Minutes) as of 6.9.2020

At starting 7.9.2020

Monday 18:15 Baptiste Yoga (90 Minutes)