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Life Coaching

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

We live in a time with more and more freedom and choices. With that more confusion and struggle arise but also the need for a fulfilled and content life. 

So, where do we start to move towards that fulfilled and satisfied life? What are your needs and how to go about them? How to overcome mental boundaries and false beliefs? 

With the help and guidance of clear and methodical coaching, you will gain insight into your strengths, abilities, available resources and strategies. If necessary refuel your resources. You'll be supported to answer your life's questions to walk in a new direction with consciousness and confidence. 


As of January 15, 2020 I will be offering Life Coaching Sessions. Attention: Am gifting 3 x Coaching Sessions for the first 3 Persons signing up before December 31, 2019! 

Single Session: 220.00 (60 Minuten) 

3 Sessions: 450.00 (3 x 60 Minuten) 

6 Sessions: 800.00 (6 x 60 Minuten) 

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